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Final Review

Two Valpolicella 2014 of great class presents first of all Ceschi Brugnoli. The 2014 Valpolicella Ripasso Fratiela sports fragrances that are the result of very clear executive oenology; the Valpolicella Superiore Vesan 2014 offers more balsamically evolved but with even higher palatal softness. Amarone Ca ’Del Mato 2013 is beautiful: its consistency is majestic, its clearness of aroma, pure and still vividly expressive, then the persuasiveness of its taste, a true masterpiece of proportion between acidity, tannicity and roundness. A spherical blackberry berry, all frosted with mentos of oak vanilla. A wine of great pleasantness to drink, chapeau.

Pleasantness index

Wine Tasting date C E I IP
Valpolicella Superiore Vesan 2014 06/08/2018 32 30 29 91
Valpolicella Ripasso Fratiela 2014 06/08/2018 32 29 30 91
Ca' Del Diaolo 2015 06/08/2018 32 29 27 88
Amarone Ca' Del Mato 2013 07/08/2018 32 32 29 93


Prizes received during the 43rd Triveneto Wines exhibit